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Patient Corner

What is LSVT BIG Therapy?

Movements of patients with PD are marked by hesitation (akinesia), slowness (bradykinesia), and with reduced amplitude (hypokinesia). LSVT BIG is a therapy approach for the management of patients with Parkinson’s disease. NIH-funded studies have extensively researched LSVT BIG Therapy, finding significant long-lasting changes in patient’s balance, gait pattern and overall function.

How does it work?

LSVT BIG focuses its treatment strategy on high intensity and movement with large amplitude. This program takes place over a 4 week period. Each week comprises of 4 sessions that are 60 minutes long.

What are the functional Outcomes?

Our patients who receive this treatment strategy have shown significant and long-lasting improvements in:
• Walking speed and safety
• Improved independence at ease with peforming their ADL’s
• Safety and independence with stairs
• Significant improvement with joint mobility and flexibility
LSVT Big is performed by licensed and certified physical and occupational therapist.

Physician’s Corner

What should the referral say?

Patient referral/prescriptions should specify LSVT Big therapy PT or OT Evaluate and Treat. This verbiage is required for all patients with Parkinson’s referred for Big Therapy.

How can Physicians ensure that their patients are receiving appropriate therapy?

Referring Physicians can ensure that their patients receive BIG Therapy from certified clinicians by looking up the name of their patient’s therapist at This verification provides peace of mind that patients receive the appropriate BIG Therapy for their needs.

Outcome Measures

• Timed up and go test
• 10 meter walk test
• Functional Gait Assessment • Berg Balance Test
• UPDRS Baseline