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Medical Social Work Care Services:

At Pavilion Medical we are proud to offer this service, which is a sub-discipline of social work, for our medical social workers assess the psychosocial functioning of patients and families and intervene as necessary.
Interventions may include:

• Connecting patients and families to necessary resources and supports in the community.

• Providing psychotherapy, supportive counseling, or grief counseling

.• Helping a patient to expand and strengthen their network of social supports.

Our medical social workers typically work on an interdisciplinary team of our other Pavilion Medical Home Health Care professionals, including nursing, physical, occupational, and speech and recreational therapy.

Intensive Wound Care Management:

Our wound management program is led by our nurse practitioner who for years has been treating simple to extensive wounds. He has developed comprehensive wound programs, and has a proven track record in treating and training others to successfully heal wounds.

He has worked with Pavilion Medical Home Care’s nursing team to develop individualized treatment plans. The company manages all types of wounds, including chronic and extensive wounds that require a Wound Assisted Closure Device (Wound VAC).Questions (Contact our staff)..

Diabetes Management:

Our experienced nurses work in consultation with our dietician and nurse practioner to attain and maintain our patient’s target blood sugar (glycemic) levels at home. Our team of experts work with patients on a variety of diabetes- related issues, including:

• Foot Care

• Glucometer Education

• Insulin Administration

• Individual Dietary Plans

• Signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar to prevent diabetic complications

• Individualized exercise programs to optimize insulin action and promote overall diabetic management with target goals

.Our team is here to help.

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Orthopedic Care and Rehabilitation:

At Pavilion Medical Home Health Care, we strive to improve the quality of life for people of all ages and levels of need when it comes to orthopedic care and rehabilitation.

Our team works in an integrated, patient-friendly environment to create individualized treatment plans that span the continuum of patient care, including acute and chronic care, trauma, medication, rehabilitation, and long-term management.We provide a broad spectrum of orthopedic services for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder and non-operative spine conditions. We use the most advanced and trusted methods to improve function, manage pain and facilitate rehabilitation for general orthopedic care, fracture and trauma treatment, injuries, and arthritic diagnosis and treatment.Questions (Contact our staff)..

Trach and Vent Patient Care

As patients who have experienced this operative procedure know, a tracheostomy is an opening that is created surgically through the neck into the trachea (windpipe) to allow direct access to the breathing tube. It is commonly done in an operating room under general anesthesia.

A tube is usually placed through this opening to provide an airway and to remove secretions from the lungs. Breathing is done through the tracheostomy tube rather than through the nose and mouth, and the hole is made to help you breathe. A tracheostomy usually is temporary, although some patients may have one for a longer period of time.

At Pavilion Medical Home Health Care, our staff members are trained in the care and management of the tracheostomy and vent, and help to prevent complications such as infection around the tracheostomy tube or clogging of the tube. While this is a sensitive procedure that requires a deft touch, our team work diligently to proficiently aid in the facilitation of the patients’ recovery. Questions (Contact our staff)..

Congestive Heart Failure Management (CHF)

CHF affects almost 5 million people in the United States each year, according to the American Heart Association. It is more common in older people, but can affect anyone. This results in a reduction in blood supply to the different organs in the body, and can be caused by rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, anemia, cardiovascular heart disease, and any other chronic health conditions.

At Pavilion Medical Home Health Care, our staff members are trained to recognize the symptoms of heart failure, which include:

• shortness of breath on exertion or with activity

• coughs

• swelling of the feet, stomach area and ankles

• tiredness

• loss of appetite

Working in collaboration with the doctor, our experienced nursing team helps to manage the patient’s CHF through:

• Daily weight measurement

• Dietary restriction management

• Medication management

• Lifestyle modification

• Management of co-morbid factors (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

• Progressive exercise

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Cardiac and Pulmonary Care

According to the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, cardiac and pulmonary care can reduce the risk factors, restore strength and stamina, and reduce the chance of the patient having another heart event.

At Pavilion Medical Home Health Care, our cardiac rehab staff helps patients during and after the hospital stay. Once discharged from the hospital, our registered nurses, exercise physiologists, respiratory therapists, and exercise technicians, provide the care and encouragement needed during your rehab experience — including an individualized exercise and education program that helps teaches ways to manage their condition.

These include:

• Stable angina (medically controlled chest pain)

• Heart attack

• PTCA or stent placement

• Heart bypass surgery

• Heart valve surgery

• Heart transplant or heart-lung transplant

• other heart conditions

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