VA Expands Program to Bring EHRs Home

VA Expands Program to Bring EHRs Home

Government Health IT, October 15, 2010
By Mary Mosquera

Washington, DC — The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to expand its use of information technology and telecommunications – including mobile and landline phones and video conferencing – to deliver healthcare to aging veterans and others who suffer from chronic conditions, according to senior telehealth officials. In fiscal year 2010, VA recorded 300,000 healthcare encounters in 36 specialty areas with the assistance of telehealth technologies, according to Adam Darkins, MD, VA’s chief consultant for telehealth services, who spoke at an Oct. 12 innovation conference sponsored by West Wireless Health Institute, a wireless medical technology nonprofit researcher. The VA has now begun to analyze data from these programs as part of a long-term goal to change the location of care from the hospital to where the patient is, he said. The plan is ultimately to, “extend the electronic health record into the home.”

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